16 Mar

The Tentation de St. Antoine

To get to 25 pages, I think it’s necessary for me to write at least one substantial composition of 7-10 pages, maybe more. I’m extremely interested in women’s literature (might get my phd in it after undergrad) and want to work within that topic. I was thinking about the introduction of the femme fatal in literature at art. I need a little help for this piece. Obviously, Gustave Moreau’s Salomes and Oedipe would work for this paper as well as most of the works from the symbolism lecture (rops, khnopff). However, what literature ties into this topic? I definitely want to talk about the biological aspects of the femme fatal and how women carried disease and the myth was introduced. What could I read for this part? I will do extra research on the side, but you two had any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.


2 Responses to “Long Essay NOT NEEDED”

  1. Lucy March 31, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    What period are you interested in looking at? I have all sorts of possible reading material for the earlier part of the 19th-C (say up until 1860) while I suspect Cécile will have all sorts of possible reading material for the latter half of the century!

  2. cécile April 3, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    Yes, that question is very Fin-de-Siècle.
    Plenty of texts on that topic. I think for example of the beautiful novel by Zola, Fertilité (I must have ordered it in English for the ULIP library!!!), in which there’s a femme fatale character (red hair etc…) who decides to have her uterus removed in order to freely have sex. But of course, she then ages quickly, become ugly because (Zola is obviously in favor of “fertility”!!). But you could also look into Rachilde’s novels (late 19th century woman writer). Zola’s Nana is also a seductress. Oscar Wilde wrote a play called Salome, that could also be interesting if you want to specifically focus on that character and try to find out if more writers have written about her and make a comparison with Redon, Moreau etc. There’s a good book by Betsy Prioleau called Seductress, and another one in French (I no longer remember the author’s name but you can find it easily) called Cette femme qu’ils disent fatale, about the Fin-de-Siècle woman. Look into that and get back to me when you know more about what you really want to do. Huysmans and Maupassant, both misogynist, also created female characters that are scary and seductive. So, plenty of things to do here!

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