If needed- NOT NEEDED

14 Mar



I think I may have outlined enough work for myself that I won’t need to use this idea. If I still need a few pages to get to 25, I will write a 5 page essay on Zola’s effect on art or the introduction of “the white man’s burden” found in artwork and literature. Sound good? Or maybe even the connection between Walter Benjamin’s The Arcades Project and how it relates to The Dynamo and the Virgin by Henry Adams (what is religion’s role in an industrialized society.)

Cécile- today in class I asked about the white man’s burden and you mentioned earlier paintings from the 1890’s I believe. What are some names I should look up if this is what I end up doing?

One Response to “If needed- NOT NEEDED”

  1. cécile April 3, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    If you write about this period, look into Huysmans'”écrits sur l’art” (L’Art Moderne and Certains – they were translated into English). He was more into it than Zola really was. By the way, the chapter from Against Nature that I handed out also describes Moreau’s Salomé. You could use it in your femme fatale section.

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